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'Tis the Season...for Dance!

The 610 Stompers, along with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, present the 2017 Holiday…Spectacular? - From the Big Easy to the Big Apple. 

It's the week of the show, y'all! Come join us for a family friendly holiday romp this Saturday and Sunday at the Orpheum Theater.

New songs. New stories. New adventures. Join us as we take a trip to the Great White Way and celebrate the Holiday Season the only way we know how: through dance.  
Join us this weekend at our "Pop Up Calendar Shop" inside Lakeside Mall next to Santa , December 9th from 2:00-4:00 pm and December 10th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm.
For only $20, you can dance with us through time for FIFTEEN MONTHS (October 2017-December 2018)! Please visit https://610stompers.com/store to get yours, and one for your friend, and one for your other friend—you see where we’re going here.
**If you or someone you know owns a local business and would like to carry our calendars, please email info@610Stompers.com and we will get back to you with the details** 


If you’ve been to our Deb Ball in the past, you know it’s the BEST party of Carnival season. With the debut of our 2018 dances, open bar from our sponsors Abita and Sazerac, and free food from a ton of New Orleans restaurants all included in the ticket price, this year will be no different. In honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics, we decided to do our own tribute to the very first Olympic Games and throw a TOGA party!

Mark your calendars and get your costumes ready for JANUARY 19, 2018. Get your tickets now, before the price goes up: https://stomperballviii.eventbrite.com 

Congratulations to our second Stompers Give Back participant, Drew's Tunes! Drew’s Tunes mission is to celebrate the life of Drew Joseph Boswell by providing musical instruments to children, expose them to local musicians, and support clinical research into SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood).
For more information on Drew's Tunes and how to help them further their mission, please visit: https://www.drewstunes.org/

As Al Roker said at our Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade performance "EVEN AFTER THEY STOP THEY ARE STILL MOVING!" Yes, we are Al! We can't stop moving after our performance at the Smoothie King Arena and seeing the Pelicans silence the Thunder.

12/31/2017  Big Night New Orleans 
Petey Wheatstraw

I was born during a great Miami hurricane, and after a difficult labor by my mother, emerged as a talking, diaper-wearing six-year-old boy who promptly attacked the doctor, and then my father for "disturbing me in my sleep every night.". My mother put me in my place, and named me "Petey Wheatstraw." While a teenager, I met a mentor "Bantu" who taught me the philosophy of "Kung Fu," and self-respect – vowing to bow before no man. I grew up to become a successful nightclub comedian, and booked a series of shows at a club in Los Angeles called "Steve's Den" – much to the dismay of my comedy rivals Leroy and Skillet, who had just borrowed a large sum of money from the Mob to finance their own opening at another club. Realizing that their show is likely to fail with me in town (and therefore default on the loan), they begged me to delay my act. When I refused to do so, Leroy and Skillet sent out their henchmen to convince me otherwise. Leroy and Skillet's henchmen gunned down my business partner Teds little brother Larry, and then attempted to wipe me out at the boy's funeral by machine gunning the entire party. Mortally wounded, I was visited by "Lou Cipher" – the Devil himself – who told himme that my death was a mistake. He was willing to undo my death on one condition – that I marry the Devil's daughter and provide him with a grandson. I and my friends were brought back to life, and I told them of the Devil's deal and my plans to gain revenge on Leroy and Skillet – and trick the Devil by not marrying his daughter. Armed with the Devil’s own magic "Pimp Cane," I set out to exact my revenge. And I like long walks on the beach.

Full Throttle

Lady in the streets. Freak at the buffet.

Ordinary Men
Extraordinary Moves

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